Adrenaline junkies in Malta are in luck!

We’ve all heard the term “adrenaline junkie” but what does it actually mean? What makes one an adrenaline junkie?

Someone described as an adrenaline junkie typically enjoys anything that stimulates the adrenal gland, and as nerdy as that might sound – all it means is activities that stimulate the production of the hormone adrenaline.

Adrenaline, or epinephrine, heightens blood circulation and increases breathing rates. As a consequence, your senses become more perceptive and you may also feel a sudden influx of energy, experiencing this as a sort of “high”- which is where the word junkie slots in.

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Well, we can’t tell you for certain BUT there are some characteristics and personality traits common among such people. Spontaneous, flexible people who act impulsively often enjoy the feeling of adrenaline rushes. If you tend to be quite creative and curious as well as enjoy engaging in complex, challenging tasks you may enjoy the activities listed below.

Malta boasts some of the coolest and most unique activities for adrenaline junkies to get their fix!

1. Amusement Parks

The Luna Park opening used to be a typical sign that summer was approaching. Picture it: walking upon the Manoel Island bridge licking an ice cream cone whilst the sun is setting, stepping into the neon light emanating from the Luna Park decor. An integral part of any Maltese child’s upbringing, Luna Park is reopening its doors on the 30th of March. Adrenaline junkies are sure to find their fix here, with haunted houses, bumping cars and rollercoasters, there are most certainly opportunities to get your heart pounding.

2. Escape Rooms

An adrenaline junkie’s dream, escape rooms are simulation exercises during which participants are “locked” inside a room and must figure out an escape route. It tests a person’s problem-solving skills, as well as triggering their fight-or-flight responses. Becoming a trendier activity in recent years, Malta is home to multiple escape rooms such as Can You Escape? in Fgura and Escape Room 125 in St Venera.

Escape Room

3. Supreme Power Boat Tours

Some adrenaline junkies prefer pushing their limits in the great outdoors and at sea. The best way to combine both the thrill of testing your boundaries and Malta’s lush backdrop is to soar across the Mediterranean Sea at whopping 80km/h speeds in our safe, reliable speedboats. Our rides are guaranteed to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping, the perfect fit for anyone chasing that high!

Here at SupremePowerBoats, we offer two types of rides: 15-minute circular joyrides departing from Sliema Harbour or day trips to Comino. Both rides offer excellent opportunities to satisfy that high you desire!

In Comino, we visit The Blue Lagoon, The Cyrstal Lagoon, Santa Marija Bay, St. Mary’s Chapel, Santa Marija Tower, and Santa Marija Battery. And should you wish to be dropped off in Gozo, we’ll make that happen as well.

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