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Crystal Lagoon, Comino - Sliema Comino Boat Trips - MALTA

The Chapel on the island of Comino, Malta

Old cannon on the island of Comino, next to St Mary's Tower

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Comino, between Malta and Gozo. The Blue Lagoon takes its name from the crystal clear turquoise blue waters, which are so amazing you might think that the water is shallow, white it definitely is not. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect location for swimming, snorkelling, and diving. This amazing location has also been featured as the picturesque backdrop for many Cinema and TV Movies and Series.

The Crystal Lagoon

Further south there’s another pocket of the sea called the Crystal Lagoon. The secluded bay is also ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and diving, and there are also several caves in the vicinity which one can explore.

Comino is great for picnics and swimming. Another fantastic beach is called Santa Marija Bay, which is found on the north side of the island. Since Comino is 3.5km2, every beach and attraction is within a few minutes’ travelling distance.

Santa Marija Bay

Santa Marija Bay is a wonderful place for sun-bathing, swimming and snorkelling. Here people can hire umbrellas and deckchairs, and there is also a food stall selling all types of snacks and drinks.

The enchanting Caves of Saint Marija can be found near the bay. The waters here are so pure and sparkling, you might be led to believe that they are shallow, when in fact, they are quite deep. When you book a Malta-Comino Power Boat Trip with Supreme Powerboats Malta, you get a free cave tour as well.

Apart from the above, you will also find San Niklaw Bay, where the Comino Hotel, currently under refurbishment, is located. This is also a wonderful place to begin a lovely stroll around the island’s cliff edge. While you’re exploring the island, you can relax on a little beach patch that’s also on the island.

St. Mary’s Chapel

On the island there is a St. Mary’s Chapel, which is dedicated to Our Lady’s Return from Egypt. Mass in Maltese is held every Saturday at 4:30 pm and Sunday at 5:45 am. It’s a charming little structure near the campsite.

Santa Marija Tower

And, if you are up for some historical exploration, then you must check out Santa Marija Tower, (St Mary’s Tower) one of Malta’s watchtowers that date back in the 17th century. This tower was used in various movies, including the Count of Monte Cristo shot in 2012. Santa Marija Tower was recently restored and open to the public on specific days/times.

Santa Marija Battery

In the southeast corner of the island, you can find the Santa Marija Battery that was built in 1715 to protect the South Comino channel. It is one of three surviving coastal batteries where you can still find a few (original) 24-pounder cannons. The battery is also located on the island’s southeast corner.
These locations are accessible via foot or bicycle. On Comino, there are numerous paths to take. The small size of the island means that you can visit several landmarks and enjoy numerous scenic views in a single day’s hike.

If you’re planning a hike on Comino, make sure you have good, comfortable walking shoes and be careful of the summer heat. Timing is essential. If you’re interested in hiking in Comino during the springtime, you should come when everything is in bloom. During the middle of summer, hikes are not recommended. Hikers don’t have to worry about any dangerous animals or snakes because the island is wildlife-free. You might see some small wild rabbits running around but that’s all the wildlife you may get to see.

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