Comino – getting there is more than half the fun

If you think that Malta and Gozo are small, think again. The island of Comino which sits right in between them is even smaller. Measuring just over 3.5 square kilometres or 1.4 square miles, the island of Comino is absolute bliss, full of hidden gems and stunning scenery.

Comino is car-free, and except for one hotel, it is practically uninhabited. But if this wasn’t enough to make you want to hang your hat there and forget about the world, Comino is surrounded by the most pristine crystal blue waters that you can ever imagine.

The Blue Lagoon on Comino Island, Malta Gozo.

Just like the rest of the Maltese archipelago, Comino has a long and interesting history. The Romans were the first to use it as a hunting ground but by the 1500s the Knights of St. John grew so protective of the game on Comino that if anyone was caught hunting on it, they were likely to be sentenced to three years rowing on a galley. 

It was only in the late 60s that Comino became a great tourist attraction but so many years later, many still don’t realise that getting to the island can be just as fun as exploring it.  

Santa Marija Tower - Comino, Malta, Gozo
Santa Marija Tower – Comino, Malta, Gozo

Most traditional travellers get to Comino by catching a slow ferry from the Northwestern part of Malta (Cirkewwa). The ferry is a public one and takes about 25 minutes to get you to Blue Lagoon in Comino. Once there, passengers disembark and are free to explore the island on their own. Depending on the season, the ferry runs every hour or every half hour. Tickets cost €15 for a round trip.

But if you’re the adventurous fun-loving type of traveller you might want to get to Comino differently.


If you love speed, fun and enough time to absorb all that Comino has to offer, consider getting to Comino with the fastest powerboats on the Maltese Islands. Our rides leave from Sliema which is more towards the centre of Malta and farther away from Comino than Cirkewwa, but with our fast and furious rides, we will get you to Comino in the same amount of time. 

We get you from Sliema to Comino’s Blue Lagoon with an unforgettable 25-minute powerboat trip full of speed, adrenaline, and music. Once there we explore all the caves around the island, and spend 4.5 hours of swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing in the crystal-clear waters of Blue Lagoon and the surrounding bays.

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