S to the power of four – Sun, Sea, Sand and Speed

As the winter season draws to a close, temperatures are on the rise. The moment a person experiences sunlight’s warmth on their skin that’s the world letting them know “Hey, everything is going to be alright”. Malta is in her prime during the sunny periods of the year and the ways she can be enjoyed are plentiful.

Happy tourist in Malta in the summer

Unbeknownst to many are Malta’s numerous trail paths. The hills behind Ġnejna Bay, the Victoria Lines trail as well as strolling the top of Dingli Cliffs can all serve as an excellent backdrop for your Sunday afternoon hike. Why not make a day out of it?

Pre-pack fresh fruit and sandwiches in an insulated carry-on and fill a flask with hot coffee or tea to host the most glorious picnics in these picturesque locations. Aside from these lush terrains, you can also hike on Malta’s gorgeous coastline itself, and when the sea warms up a little more, you can have a dip to cool off.

Trekker in Malta - sea view

So, where could you have this dip? Malta is famous for its dazzling blue waters. These waters can be surrounded by either sand, pebbles or rocks. Rocky beaches are more popular around cliff areas such as Ta’ Ċenċ in Gozo or Delimara in the Southern part of Malta. These bays are strategically fitted with ladders for your convenience and promise clean, mystical waters. There’s no more comforting feeling after a cold winter than the touch of warm sand on the soles of your feet. If you prefer this sensation to a dip in a rocky pool, Malta’s sandy beaches like Golden Sands or Riviera Martinique are for you.

Female at the beach in Malta

If only there were a bay that combines both rocky and sandy beaches for that perfect in-between… Introducing Comino’s Blue Lagoon- the dreamiest and most idyllic of beaches. 

There’s a reason tourists flock by the hundreds daily on warm days to experience this glorious location. Comino is often described as problematic to get to, with long queues for ferry services and hoards of sweaty tourists cramming together on a hot day.

The solution? Supreme Powerboats.

Imagine if the tedious journey mentioned above was something fun in itself. Here at Supreme Powerboats we combine all the best elements of the Mediterranean: sun, sea, sand and add some flair: our high speeds. Instead of commuting to Comino by ferry, why not group together your friends and have the private ride of a lifetime?

Soaring at a whopping 80km/h, you can comfortably bask in the sunshine whilst seeing the Valletta fortifications, Manoel Island, the Valletta Breakwater as well as The Blue Lagoon, The Crystal Lagoon, Santa Marija Bay, St. Mary’s Chapel, Santa Marija Tower, and Santa Marija Battery when we reach Comino. This joyride of a lifetime sets off from Sliema Harbour and allows you to spend a day chilling and enjoying all the beautiful elements Malta has to offer.

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