Two young women on a powerboat having fun

Water and speed junkies look no further

There are those who love speed and there are those who hate it. But then there are those whose thrill-seeking instinct makes them crave speed like most people crave chocolate or coffee. The term ‘Speed Junkies’ refers to people who test their limits by seeking excitement through activities that involve high speeds, such as driving fast cars, riding motorcycles, going down snowy slopes at break-neck speed or, like us, riding the waves on powerboats feeling the wind in our hair and holding on to dear life.

Blue Lagoon, Comino. Arial view.

This incredible love for speed is recognised in many popular movies. Here are just a few that come to mind: 

  • The ‘Fast and Furious franchise is all about fast cars, street racing and high-speed action.  
  • ‘Need for Speed’ follows a street racer who is seeking revenge against a wealthy businessman. 
  • ‘Rush’ is a biographical sports drama about the intense rivalry between two Formula One drivers back in the 70s.  

But our absolute favourites have got to be ‘The Italian Job’, ‘Bad Boys 2’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and surely, it’s not hard to guess why these are our absolute top favs. All these movies feature fast boats and high-speed water action, which is precisely what we live for.

Waterpower, speed, and fast-paced action offer thrilling and visually impactful experiences. And this is exactly what you’ll get when you jump on one of our super-fast powerboats for the experience of a lifetime. Guaranteed!

So, if you’re in Malta any time soon and would like to visit Gozo, and Comino’s Blue Lagoon, we’re offering you the irresistible opportunity to feed your need for speed. Check out our powerboat rides and tours here. 

Sliema to Comino and Gozo with Supreme Powerboats

In Comino, we visit The Blue Lagoon, The Cyrstal Lagoon, Santa Marija Bay, St. Mary’s Chapel, Santa Marija Tower, and Santa Marija Battery. And should you wish to be dropped off in Gozo, we’ll make that happen as well.

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