Small but mighty Malta

Malta might be one of the smallest places you will ever visit but don’t let its size fool you. The Maltese Archipelago is made up of three distinct islands that sit right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and though they cover less than 2% of the size of the UK, they are bursting with history, natural beauty, fun and adventure.  And if you love the sun and the sea, Malta, Gozo and Comino are your best guarantee for an unforgettable time. 

Malta, Gozo, Comino, Sea
The beautiful island of Comino sits right in the middle of the Meditteranean sea. Practically uninhabited and a sun haven for sea lovers.

Imagine a place packed with history, blessed with more than 300 days a year of sunshine,  peppered with sandy beaches, adorned with impressive sea caves, surrounded by towering cliffs, and dipped in the clearest crystal blue sea you will ever lay eyes on.

You might think that since the islands are so small, getting from one place to another would be fast and easy, but land travel is congested, and traffic can be nightmarish.  Still, depending on what takes your fancy there’s lots to do in Malta.

Malta, Gozo, History - Mdina 0ld City
Mdina – The Silent City in the village of Rabat, Malta

History buffs are spoilt for choice – from visiting the Grand Harbour in Valletta, the three cities of Senglea, Vittoriosa and Cospicua to delving into the Lascaris war rooms or Hagar Qim Temples.   If you’re more of a nature and adventure kind of traveller, your opportunities for fun are also endless.  From abseiling to rock climbing, from zip lining to first-class scuba diving, Malta, Gozo and Comino are a playground packed with the best adrenaline-pumping activities you can think of.

But what if you’re into speed, loud music, crystal blue waters and natural beauty?

Can all these attractions possibly be combined? 

We say ‘oh yes!’

Two women enjoying a powerboat ride in Malta.

Imagine spending a day on a super-fast and super-fun Power Boat that blares out your favourite tracks and takes you on an adrenaline-packed tour of the most coveted spots in the Mediterranean Sea.

During our daily Sliema-Comino Power Boat Trip, we leave from Sliema in Malta in the morning and speed off to the island of Comino. Getting there is the ultimate adrenaline rush that will get your heart pumping and your mind raving. Once there, you’ll be free to explore Comino and its hidden coves at leisure. We will also visit the epic Blue Lagoon, the Santa Maria caves, and should you wish to check out the island of Gozo, we’ll drop you off at the harbour and pick you up later.

Surely, you could visit all these places by other means, just like other tourists, perhaps by taking the ferry or a slow boat, but that would not be merely as fun as our adrenaline-busting Power Boat. It would also take hours out of your vacation leaving you with very little time to explore and experience the islands’ natural wonders.

Sliema-Comino Powerboat trip with Supreme Powerboats

On the other hand, our epic 33 feet long Power Boats reach speeds of up to 70km/hour. This means that we can get you to Comino in no time, still fully energized to enjoy 4.5 hours of swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing in the crystal blue waters of this beautiful Mediterranean archipelago.  We’ll also throw in your favourite tracks, celebratory drinks and the best company and guarantee the best time of your life.

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