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Unleash Your Inner Captain: Customise Your Ultimate Sea Adventure in Malta, Comino, and Gozo!

Ahoy, fellow young adventurers! Are you ready to take charge of your own sea escapade? Get ready to turn up the fun and create unforgettable memories as you embark on a private charter with your best friends. From choosing your own music playlist to designing your ideal route, the power is in your hands. Let’s […]

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Beautiful cityscape over Gozo island, medieval architecture of castle and boats on the harbor of Malta

Rich history, clear waters & stunning architecture

Planning a trip to the Mediterranean any time soon? Malta and Gozo are two picturesque sister islands located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Squashed in between them lies the charming, untouched Comino. These islands are famous for their rich history, stunning architecture, clear waters, and sandy beaches. The islands’ history dates back to […]

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Keeping our emissions low & our speed high

It feels like nowadays, all we hear about is our carbon footprint and how damaging this is for the environment. But if carbon is natural, how can it be detrimental to the environment? Great question! Carbon is an element which makes up all organic matter on earth: humans, animals, soil and plants are all made […]

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It’s your birthday, splash out if you want to

So, your birthday is coming up again. Woo-Hoo! Whilst you may be looking forward, planning something fun to do on your special day can be tiring and anxiety-inducing. Year after year, finding new activities can prove to be a difficult task. Not only do you want to have a blast yourself, but birthdays often require […]

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